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By Nicholas Wong, 07/17/18, 10:00AM EDT


Megacity Basketball hosted Toronto’s very first Canada Quest Regional 3x3 qualifier on June 23rd at the Mattamy Athletic Centre, with two unique teams emerging from the men’s and women’s tournament.

The Chosen Ones won the qualifying tournament and represented Toronto in the Canada Quest National Final in Edmonton on July 7th. They went undefeated in the knockout stage and won the championship after overpowering Team Winnipeg in the finals. 

Rozaay MGMT won on the women’s side, a team that was sponsored by Rozaay Management Inc. to raise awareness for their Book and Sneaker Drive charity. 

Megacity staff handled all operations for this official FIBA event that propelled these two Toronto teams to the top of the 3x3 stage. In conjunction with LMS Management, who handled marketing, sponsorship, media and design, the GTA 3x3 was the first of its kind in the city. Winners were able to take home up to $4000 in prizes.

The competition was high with the men’s division aiming to represent Ontario at the Canada Quest National Final. Ultimately, The Chosen Ones came out on top with their excellent team chemistry.

“Those guys I’ve been playing with - I’ve been watching them grow up my whole life,” said The Chosen Ones forward Shaquille Keith. “We have some chemistry and it was a really fun thing today.”

They had no fear of the upcoming tournament in Edmonton that they would later win. 

“It’s just another time to play basketball with the fellas. That’s all it is really. One thing I’m happy for is that we all know how to win,” said Shaquille. “We’re gonna go out there in Edmonton and see what kinda competition is there because we all know Ontario’s got the best players.”

On the women’s side, Rozaay MGMT was crowned the winner of their tournament. Rozaay guard Keneca Pingue-Giles, a former Ryerson Ram athlete, competed with a few familiar teammates.

“There’s Ceejay [Cassandra Nofuente] and Mariah [Nunes] who I played with at Ryerson, and it’s great to play with women in so many leagues here,” said Keneca. “It’s great to still get to compete even if it’s not professionally.”

“Playing with Keneca is always a great time,” said Rozaay guard Mariah. “She’s one of my best friends. It’s just so nice that we can work on and off the court. And we push each other always. We support each other.”

Rozaay Management, the organization that gave them the opportunity to compete, was present at the event to raise awareness for their Book and Sneaker Drive charity. This charity aims to provide books and sneakers to youth in Ghana who cannot afford them. 

“Our goal and our basis is to give back to Toronto, so Toronto can give [donations] back to us,” said Merveille Mangenda Mukoko, Marketing Coordinator at Rozaay. “In turn, we can give back to the children of Ghana.”

The two winning teams won more than just the GTA 3x3 tournament. The men’s team will now represent Canada in the FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2018 Saskatoon Masters, and the women’s team helped represent a charity that to this day has impacted over 600 lives in Ghana. 

“I feel like FIBA 3x3 has really taken off,” said The Chosen Ones guard Alex Johnson. “Who’d have thought we’d make history today.”