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Competitive Tuesday Opening Night Recap

By Clayton Conway, 06/07/18, 4:30PM EDT


The season is officially underway after a solid opening night of Comp Tuesday action at Hoopdome. Here is a look at what went down;

7pm – Uptown 70 (1-0) Vs. Regeneration X 68 (0-1)
This game was back and forth all night, with a few lead changes in the second half. Regeneration were unable to sustain the pace they started the 2nd half with, and Uptown took control of the game late for the win with solid execution.

8pm – Sharks 57 (1-0) Vs. Toon Squad 56 (0-1)
This game was hotly contested throughout, with both teams playing some physical defence and making it tough on the other to score. That’s the Sharks trademark style and they forced Toon Squad out of their comfort zone all night. Toon Squad were on the cusp of getting the win until a late foul, which resulted in Johnson nailing  free throws late to seal the game for the Sharks.

9pm – Hong Shing 78 (1-0) Vs. Gladiators 62 (0-1)
This game was tight in the first half, with Gladiators shooting well and taking care of an uninspired Hong Shing side. Once the 2nd half began however, Gladiators got a taste of what its like to face the full wrath of the returning champs. 15 trey balls later and Hing Shing ran away with this one.

Kings of the Court
These guys stood out with some great performances this week, and are our first Kings of the Court on the year:

Arash Moghani Uptown – 22 Pts 4 Reb 6 Ast 8/9 FT
Colin Greeneville Regeneration X - 20 Pts 9 Reb 4-8 3 PT
Karl Frederick Sharks – 12 Pts 4 Reb 4 Ast 3 Stl
Jermaine Lightbody Toon Squad – 10 pts 5 Reb 5 Ast 6 Stl
Kadeem Green Gladiators – 22 Pts 18 Reb 2 Ast 2 Stl
Pedro Cabral Hong Shing – 16 Pts 7 Reb 3 Ast 3 Stl 

Up Next
After a great week 1, teams will look to build on or improve on their play from a week ago. The 7pm game sees Hong Shing take on Sharks in what will surely be an intense matchup. New Era will make their debut against the 1-0 Uptown team. And to round out the evening, we will see Regeneration X and Gladiators battle it out to see who gets their first win of the year.

Good luck to all teams next week

Clayton Conway