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On Point League Preview

By @megacityceo, 06/04/18, 12:15AM EDT


Hey everyone. Here's my analysis of each team and their strengths & weaknesses.


RJ & Justin did a great job in the draft choosing to build around Goodridge, Knight and Moncrieffe. They added two very solid guards in Ersando & Bongolan then added 2 veterans and a rookie to round out their team.

Strengths: Depth & Experience
They've got guys who can contribute 1-8 including their sole rookie. It doesn't look like they've got any holes. In late game situations I would feel very comfortable with this line-up.

Weaknesses: Guard Scoring
Ersando & Bongolan don't look to score on most possessions, but they will need to this season. Knight & Goodridge will draw a lot of attention which means they need to be ready to keep the defense honest and hit/make those open shots.
Grind Time

If anyone "won" the draft, I have to give it to Grind Time. They've got depth, experience, strength & hustle 1-8. I think they have a unique line up where 3-4 player can get you 20+ and on the defensive end they picked up some great finds.

Strengths: Defense
Xavier is the best shot blocker in the draft, Thomas/Bartley/Martin very good at keeping guards in front of them, Lopez super athletic then add Phan/Ponce/Lindover who are hustlers, dive/scrap for loose balls.

Weaknesses: None
It was as close to a perfect draft that I've ever seen. Awesome job Clay.

The Investment Academy

Very interesting line-up put together by rookie GM, Mike Myers. Scooping up Michalski was a wise move, picking up arguably the best big in the draft. 

Strengths: 4-5
It looks like they'll have an intriguing 4-5 combo with Michalski and rookie Dahnoun. Dahnoun is an athletic young forward that really impressed at the combine and of course we know what you're going to get out of Michalski.

Weaknesses: Chemistry
Unlike the other teams, a lot of new faces on this team which means it's unlikely there will be any instant chemistry. They will need time to gel especially with 3 rookies in the mix. 

The Fraternity

There are two unknowns on the team, but based on the other 6, offense isn't going to be a problem...or is it?

Strengths: Individual Scorers
My goodness...6 of these guys have all shown they can score the ball. Pretty sure 4-5 of them have scored 20+ in their most recent season. This could be Golden State or it could be OKC.

Weaknesses: 1 ball
Uh-Oh. Everyone is going to have to make sacrifices to make this work. I think a lot of these guys are used to being the 1 or 2 option, but that's going to change. Can they share the ball? We'll see.


It's tough to draft 1st for the obvious reason that you've got to wait a long time to get your 2nd and 3rd picks. Hats off to Shaq & Roland for scooping up some amazing picks throughout the draft.

Strengths: Scoring
It looks like they'll have no problems scoring the ball with very reliable 2nd and 3rd options. Hospedales will probably battle for the scoring title again. 

Weaknesses: Point Guard?
Doesn't look like they've drafted a true point guard, however we've seen Hospedales play a point forward so maybe this isn't a weakness?

Swish Squad

Preston has an interesting mix of players with some very experienced players and some new faces. This will be a Hanson run offense so we will have to see how everything meshes. 

Strengths: Rebounding
There's only a small amount of players who can get you 20+ rebounds and Hanson & Morrison have both accomplished this. Hanson has an incredible nose for the ball & Morrison (longest wingpsan) is super active and always keeping the ball alive.

Weaknesses: Scoring
Outside if Hanson and Morrison, I don't know if any of these guys can guarantee 15+ points per game. Hanson can score, but is more "LeBron" than he is "Kobe". He will need someone to help him with the scoring load. Who's it going to be?


They're the only team to pick up 4 rookies and are by the far the team with the least experience in the league (even with 3-time champ, Jason Au-Yong). 

Strengths: Depth
It's tough to tell especially with 4 rookies but looks like they've got depth and all positions. Size is always a concern and they've got it with Miller & Mahdi.

Weaknesses: Scoring
No one really jumps out at me as a 20+ PPG type scorer. Miller is going to be a double-double machine and Sigua is going to be great running point, but where's the scoring going to come from? Maybe one of the rooks?

Hardwood Nemesis

Rookie GM Lawrence got who he wanted but will likely need to make some moves to pick up some much needed size. They could be the fastest and most entertaining team, but will that translate into wins?

Strengths: Scoring
You've got the excellent chemistry of the Cruz bros plus Mahmood's super efficient scoring. Nick Cruz will have his best scoring season.

Weaknesses: Size
It's a major issue and I don't think they can solve this area without a trade. I honestly do not know if they have a player over 6'0 tall. I don't know how they're going to defend and rebound against 6'4-6'5 guys in the paint, but hey, maybe they've got a plan!

If you didn't like what I had to say, go out there and prove it!

Good luck everyone!