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Mill Street Quarterfinal Preview

By Michael Zaragoza, 04/08/18, 2:00PM EDT


Congratulations to NYR, MPC, Eye Studio, Practice?!, Superclub, and the Trojans for making the Playoffs. All of your hard work will be put to the test and this is just the beginning.


Tonight, NYR will face off against MPC in the first quarterfinal game. In their only regular season game, NYR came out with the win. They out rebounded MPC by 13 and hit 12-25 3PT. If they can use their size and spacing to grab boards and find open looks once again, this game will be theirs to win. MPC should be looking to capitalize using their speed and intense D to break away a lead early. If they can get in NYR’s face and annoy them early on the defensive end, they will be able to cruise to a victory.


In the second quarterfinal game, Eye Studio will take on Practice?!. Eye Studio took their regular season matchup 67-63. They can repeat this performance if they get hot early and hit open looks. If they can get the 3’s rolling in the beginning of the game, Practice will have a lot on their hands. However, Practice can also very well take this game. They’ve been on a sort of hot streak lately, and if they can work on playing as a cohesive unit, while not putting their heads down at the first sign of misfortune, they will take home the W tonight.