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Mill St Sunday Week 5 Preview

By Michael Zaragoza, 03/04/18, 2:15PM EST


MPC TO: This week MPC should be looking to stay composed in clutch time. For the second game in a row, they gave up a comfortable lead and lost in the final minutes. To be fair, they were shorthanded last week and fatigue kicked in. However if this week they have a full roster and are able to stay composed, they will take home a W.


Superclub: In their matchup against MPC, Superclub should be looking to get started early. Last week they only got the ball rolling in the second half where they stole the W. In this week’s game if they are able to commence their attack early and keep it consistent, the game is theirs to win.


NYR: To ensure a win against one of the stronger teams in the league this week, NYR should be working on moving the ball and making that extra pass. Last week, they again shot a not so good percent from the field. If they can make that extra pass tonight and find the open man to get the best shot possible, they will defeat Eye Studio.


Eye Studio: This week Eye Studio should be looking to play as more of a unit. In their last outing they seemed to settle for a lot of jumpers and not move the ball as well as they could be. If they utilise all of their strong components this week, they will definitely raise their chances of winning.


Trojans: Trojans are on their way to win their fourth game in a row and to ensure victory they will need to pressure the ball and play the passing lanes. Rise Tribe is great at moving the ball and finding open looks. If the Trojans can put on the pressure early, they will be able to find an early lead and get to running.


Rise Tribe: This week Rise Tribe should be looking to get aggressive on defence. Trojans are one of the most physical teams in the league, and their big men in the paint have the potential to bully just about anyone. If they can successfully shut down their threats in the paint, this game is theirs to win.


LMPC: In their matchup this week LMPC should focus on getting getting started early and keeping composure. They have all of the right tools to get the job done and win games, they just need to find a way to keep it consistent. If they can start the game with a bang, it'll be a real morale booster which will hopefully carry them to finish the game strong as well.

Practice?!: Last week Practice played their best basketball of the season so far. This week they should be looking to repeat that performance. They have found their groove and if they can push the ball and play as a unit like last week, they will take home the win.