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Mill St. Sunday Week 4 Preview

By Michael Zaragoza, 02/25/18, 10:45AM EST


MB Keys to the Game:

Rise Tribe: This week in their matchup against LMPC, Rise Tribe should be looking to get started early. Last outing they got shut down in the first half and didn’t really find their groove until later in the game due to short bursts of heat here and there. If they can play as a unit from the start while utilising those bursts of heat throughout the game, this game will be theirs to win.


LMPC: Against Rise Tribe, LMPC should be looking to stay consistent in the final minutes. In their last outing they were playing great coming into the final minutes, but easy mistakes allowed Trojans to gun for the W. LMPC showed great ball movement, great communication, and ferocious tenacity throughout the entire game; if they can bring these same elements this week and keep them consistent through the entirety of the game, they will take home the win.  


Eye Studio: While facing off against the Trojans today, the Eye Studio should be looking to stay collected on offense. Two weeks ago they didn’t score for the first 7 minutes of the second half, and were jacking up a lot of their shots. They have a crazy offensive arsenal and all they need to do is work on their communication and teamwork to really do damage.


Trojans: In their game against Eye Studio, the Trojans should be looking to get started early. Their last game saw them play very lethargically and sluggish until the second half, where they suddenly turned on the jets to take the win. If those jets had been turned on from the beginning, their lead would have been much higher. If they can get started early this game and stay collected when it matters, they will take home the W.


MPC TO: This week against NYR, MPC should be looking to stay calm in crunch time. Two weeks ago they fell apart in the final two minutes. Adam Robles got hot for RT and hit four threes in a row, and that really demoralized them. They started making careless turnovers and missed a lot of late game free throws that would have kept them in the game. If they had stayed calm in the final minutes, they could have easily taken the game.


NYR: This week’s matchup against MPC should see NYR working on getting smarter looks. In their last game, they shot an abysmal 14-44 from the field as a team. They have great tools on offense and definitely have the potential to score a lot, but last week their shots weren’t falling. This week, instead of trying to force shots to get the groove going, they should be looking to make that extra pass, find the open guy, and knock down easy looks.


Superclub: While facing off against Practice?!, Superclub should be looking to attack hard, and attack early. Their offensive potential is unmatched in this league as they have multiple threats on offense and lockdown defenders on the other end. If they get the ball rolling early in this game and put the pressure on Practice to make a tough comeback, this game will be theirs to win.

Practice?!: This week, Practice should be looking to move the ball and make smart passes. Superclub loves to pick off careless or weak passes, and the other team almost always pays for it. Practice should be looking to space the floor, move off the ball, and find the open man. They too have great weapons on offense and if they can ease the pressure of the Superclub this week and find their mark, they could beat the defending champs.