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#FridayFive with Craig Hanson

By @megacityceo, 02/16/18, 6:15PM EST


Happy Friday everyone. Here's this #FridayFive with long time MB Player, Craig Hanson.


JA: When did you start playing the game and what do you love about the game?

CH: I started playing the game was about 5 or 6 my dad used to be a coach and I would emulate the drills he would do with his team on the sidelines. My love for basketball has been there my whole life but it really developed once I discovered AND1 mixtape. I would watch clips on my PC and then try and do them on my driveway.

JA: You recently we're traded after being selected 1st overall. We're you surprised?

CH: Yes I was but I wasn't. I was shocked because of how amped my coach was when I was picked but I guess since we lost a couple he decided to write off the rest of the team's season and give me a better chance haha.

JA: You're an all around player. Is there any player you that has influenced your style of play?

CH: There are couple players that influence me. When I watch games and I see something simple that works for them I try to copy it and use it to my advantage. I just added the mid range pull up to my arsenal but I really want to get the step back perfected.

JA: What's your most memorable  MB experience or moment?

CH: I have a couple Megacity is part of me now. I posterized someone during a game, I got to play on the same team as Alvin Williams, and I got to be in a Raptors commercial those are my top 3.

JA: If you could pick 4 other players in On Point to create an all-star team who would you pick?

CH: I would go with D'Andre Hospedales cause we went to high school together and we know were we are gonna be. Phillip Da Silva because he's always working hard and running so I can get bare assists. Mike Cruz because hes been on my team like 3 times and he's an animal. And Norman Penola because he just scores somehow and refs never call his carries lol.