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By James Gleason, 02/14/18, 10:45AM EST


Game Story 

Week 4 commences tonight as teams start to make it clear what kind of team they are and what direction they want to go on. The first game is Grind Time Vs Lights Out in a matchup that features the best team going right now, and a team desperate for a bounce back win after a tough loss against the Fully Loaded team. The Monarchs look for a bounce back win of their own against Scarlem Globetrotters, as they had a bad double digit loss against Grind Time last Wednesday where there offense struggled.  

Grind Time vs Lights Out 

Grind Time have yet to show any weakness even in their wins and they show how dominant they can be on both ends. D'Andre Hopsedales, Alex Hagoriles and squad have led their teams well in these 3 games scoring in double digits. They will have to keep up their intensity on defense though as they face one of the top scorers in Tre Eli for Lights Out, who besides one game has scored the ball effectively and has carried the Lights Out offense. 

Monarchs vs Scarlem Globetrotters 

The Monarchs had a tough loss against the Grind Time in a marquee matchup last week, and a good bounce back win to keep in pace would be ideal for a team that should be right there next to Grind Time. Scarlem struggle on defense so if the Monarchs remain patient yet aggressive they should be able to shred Scarlem Globetrotters on offense so they should focus their energy on the defensive end and try to force turnovers 

Hitmen vs Fully Loaded 

The Hitmen are riding high after getting their first win on the board last week against the Scarlem Globetroters, and now face a tough team in Fully Loaded who are putting on a good show early in their debut season. Hitmen will have to continue their success in hitting threes, and also be locked on defense against a team that likes to score themselves in Fully Loaded.