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Mill St. Sunday Week 3 Preview

By Michael Zaragoza, 02/11/18, 1:45AM EST


Nick Young vs. Practice?!:


Both of these teams are 1-1 going into week three and both are hungry to get above .500. Last week, NYR utilised their great communication and fundamentals to secure the win, and a repeat performance may very well let them take the W home this sunday. For Practice, they should look to apply more pressure on defence and fix any little cracks that cost them the game last week. They should also focus on keeping their heads in the game in order to stay level headed in late game situations.


MPC vs. Rise Tribe:


Rise Tribe is winless coming into this week, and they definitely have the potential to pick up the pace this week. They should be looking to find their groove and chemistry, as it seems to get better every week. With MPC, they should be looking to get started early, and keep the momentum. Last week they had small sparks of fire here and there, but couldn’t keep it consistent. If they fuel that fire for the whole game, this game is theirs to take.


Superclub vs Eye Studio:


The two top teams in the league do battle this sunday and one will walk away still undefeated. They both definitely have the size, strength, and firepower to take this one, and this game will most likely be a battle of attrition. There will be no room for error in this game, so whoever cracks first will definitely feel it, and regret it.


Trojans vs. LMPC


Trojans are coming off of a big win while LMPC is coming off of a tough loss coming into this one. Last week, the Trojans put on a great shooting performance, with 6/9 of their players shooting above 50% from the field. If they can repeat that performance and play with the same heart & vigor, a win will shortly follow. For LMPC, they should be looking to play to their strengths and not fall too hard under pressure. They had flashes of brilliance last week towards the end, if they had more time, it would have been a different game (S/O to Cham Sangar for the insight).