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By @chrisbtopher, 02/05/18, 10:00AM EST


Toben beat SWAT 94-88, Lint lost their cool dropping a game against Team CZ 95-92, and TBD bounced back from their week 1 performance picking up the 112-83 win over Desta Training.  

The top performances from week 2:

Dinjyl Walker, TOBEN: 

24 points, 9 rebounds (win against SWAT)

Christian Cashmier, SWAT: 

28 points (11/14FG and 6/7 3PT FG) (loss against SWAT) 

Alex Desroches, TBD: 

25 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists (win against DESTA TRAINING) 

Ben Haile, Desta Training: 

32 points and 5 rebounds (loss to TBD) 

Shane Morrison, LINT: 

28 points, 9 rebounds (12/20FG) (loss against TEAM CZ)

Dre Glisic, TEAM CZ: 

23 points, 15 rebounds, and 4 steals (win against LINT)

Great work in week 2 and all the best in week 3!