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The best steals of the On Point Draft

By @MegacityCEO, 01/22/18, 3:30PM EST


I believe that drafting well from your first pick to your last pick is so crucial to the success of your club.  Getting a steal is one of the most satisfying feelings you can get as a GM. Here are players I believe are a clear steal!

1st Round - ONETEN

It's really tough to say anyone is a steal here, but if anyone dropped further than I think they should have it was Tevin Goodridge. Goodridge could prove to be a Top 3 player this season. ONETEN was lucky to pick him up at the 8th spot.

2nd Round - BOOM
Phillip Da Silva dropped further than I thought he would and scooping him up at #13 was huge for Boom. Just like that they have a great 1-2 offensive punch with Penola getting picked by Boom in the 1st Round.

3rd Round - CLASSICK
Ahsan Mahmood might've dropped a few spots further than most would have though. He's super efficient and can score 20+ in this league. For Classick to pick him up as their 3rd pick, that's a definite steal.

4th Round - CRANE
Crane had to wait 13 picks before being able to choose again and luckily for them they got the "Lou Will" of Megacity, Rahul De'Golder at #32. De'Golder looks like a great fit with playmakers like Hanson and Bongolan selected before him.

5th Round - BOOM
Rich Soares surprisingly dropped down to #36. Soares is normally picked up much higher in previous drafts and this is probably a shocker to him. Should serve as motivation. This is an excellent piece for Boom.

6th Round - EVEN
This one is tough because I think a lot of teams got great picks in this round. Although I really like the Delgado pick at #48.

7th Round - GRINDTIME
Tarun Bhasin at 50th? He's a guy that has had some big time games in our league and it's a complete surprise to me that he fell so far. If Bhasin comes off the bench, he could be the most impactful reserve in the league.

8th Round  - BOOM
How? Christian Somoza easily one of the better rookies from last season fell all the down to #61. He shot the ball at a high percentage from everywhere on the floor and was a solid starting PG. Maybe the biggest steal of the night right here.