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By Megacity Basketball , 01/19/18, 8:45AM EST


This year we anticipate a big year for Megacity Basketball as we launched our new website and we will feature a lot of new and old faces this upcoming season.

With these elements in mind, we went back to the drawing board and added/updated our league rules and policies and we will be implementing these changes to improve the player and overall, the MB experience across all divisions (unless stated otherwise). 

So without further ado...




To avoid consecutive fouls in the last two minutes of the game, teams will be granted one foul to give. The following foul will automatically enter a team into double bonus, granting the opposing team 2 free throws. (Similar to the NBA).


No one likes them because in the end we all lose. We have gone ahead and adapted the 15 minute default time (previously 10 minutes) to give guys extra time to get to the gym. The 15 minute default time will apply to all divisions in the league. 

For our On Point Free Agent League, we have given Captains and GM's the option to request a replacement player from our Free Agent Division (24 hour notice is required).

If a team fails to put 5 players on the court within 15 minutes of the start time that team will be forced to forfeit the game.

If you know in advance that your team is going to forfeit a game, a request must be made to the RJ Williams, Commissioner (unless stated otherwise) to use replacement player from our Free Agent pool (minimum of 24 hour notice). Finally, there will be no negotiating minutes before the game, please do your due diligence and plan accordingly. 

Please note: This exception will only be featured in the Free Agent division. Also, any points scored by the approved replacement player will not be included in the final score of the game. For more details, please speak with MB staff.   


This rule has not changed but we thought we should reiterate it for our new players and for those who may have forgotten:

"Any ejected player will be issued an automatic 1 (one) game suspension and will be reviewed by MEGACITY BASKETBALL INC."

Therefore, do not be surprised if you get that phone call from the Commissioner.


As we make a concrete push for sponsorship and make an attempt to clean this ongoing headache of guys showing up looking like they just played pick up at Moss Park, we had to enforce a new and revised uniform policy that will allow us to maintain a professional look on the court:

A MEGACITY BASKETBALL INC. approved jersey top is mandatory.

All team jerseys must be the same design and cannot have visible logos of other basketball leagues

As of January 2018, players without a Megacity Approved Jersey will not be permitted to play after Week 4.

*Captains are responsible for placing Jersey orders with our Uniform Coordinator: Duane Pedro.

In the event a player does not have a Megacity approved jersey, the player/team will be charged with a $20 fine payable to Megacity Basketball Inc. and will be issued a rental uniform"

So DO NOT forget your uniform. It will cost you!


Although they do not occur often, we want to prevent games from going on for too long and teams stalling for the last shot. After all, we do have lives outside of basketball and we do not want to throw off the timing of the rest of the evening.

Here's how it works:

If the game is tied at the end of regulation, a two (2) minute overtime period will be played.

Regular season overtime games will capped at a maximum of 2 OT periods for scheduling purposes.

REGULAR SEASON ONLY - If a regular season game enters a second overtime, the game will enter SUDDEN DEATH. the first team to score (field goal OR free throw) will be awarded as the winner. 

PLAYOFFS ONLY - Capped at 3 OT periods and the final OT will enter SUDDEN DEATH, the first team to score (field goal OR free throw) will be awarded as the winner. 



All the latest rules and regulation updates can be found on our website at 


Feel free to contact us if you require any clarification on rules and regulations in 2018


- MB