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Advanced League Update

By Megacity Basketball Inc, 10/10/19, 12:30AM EDT


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SCF vs SWAT @ 730 PM at Hoopdome


In the First game of the night we have SCF who Lost their first game vs a Strong TBD squad looking to get into

The win column vs the Defending Champion Swat who are playing their first game of the season.

In the Summer session SCF beat Swat by 3 so even though they are facing the champs they will not be intimidated!



Keys to the Game:


SCF has to zero in on stopping the guy they call Rouse!! Last session he was a beast. He averaged 28.4 PPG and lit

SCF up for 35. Steve Bucknell is a beast inside who shot 70% against SCF in the last game so they also will have to

Watch out for him in the paint.


SCF comes with a balanced attack led by Shamar Bennette who averaged 17.8 PPG. SCF had 5 players

In double digits against SWAT. Swat will have to do a better job defensively because they allowed SCF to shoot 63%

From the field.




TEAM CZ vs Desta Training @ 840 Pm at hoopdome


In the second game of the night we have the vets in Team CZ vs the young bucks Desta Training. Both won their 1st games

With CZ defeating GBD and Desta Beating the Juggernaut named Toben. Who many have pegged as the "Team to Beat"

This session.



Keys to the Game:


Team CZ will have to give their best effort to Stop Ben Halie and "Dash". Both of them have the ability to score a lot of points

In a hurry. Ben does a little bit of everything while Dash as the name says Never seen a 3 point shot that he didn’t like with

Multiple games hitting more than five threes at least last season. He also shot over 50% from three which helped him to avg

26.8 PPG.


Desta will have to worry about CZ's big man Dre Glisic and the "CROOK"Shank. Dre had 21 rebounds against GBD so keeping

Him off the glass will be key. Cruickshank who is known as an awesome defender turned back the clock and hit six threes

And was the leading scorer for CZ with 21 points. CZ usually shoot the ball really well from three so Desta will have to run them

Off the line.


This game promises to be a high scoring affair!!




New Regime Vs Toben @ 940 PM (Elite Camps) (Game of the Week)


The game of the night features two heavyweights. 

This promises to be a very close game that probably will go down to the wire. The last time they played each other was in the Final of the Fall Session and Toben was victorious. New Regime definitely has

This game circled as a "Revenge Game" and no team wants to start off the season 0-2 which can be a huge hole that many teams

Don’t recover from.



Players to watch:


Back court wise New Regime has Tut Roach and "Turk" Mattison. While Toben features Nolan Gooding and Jameel Williamson.

This is as even as it gets in Megacity match up wise. Each player brings energy and leadership which should be exciting to watch.

Front court wise New Regime has the Twin Tower in Stef Nastic and Marko Curic. Toben has James Siakam and Denny McDonald.

The 1-2 punch of Nastic and Curic is pretty lethal. Both can shot the ball and can kill you inside. Siakam and McDonald bring a more athletic

Style of play and also can shoot it from outside.


Good luck to both teams.




GBD Vs Hong Shing @ 950 PM AT HOOPDOME

Hong Shing last sessions finalist look to build on their strong start to the season vs GBD. They handled New Regime fairly easily and looking to

Get to 2-0. GBD lost their first game and are looking to get into the win column. Last time GBD played vs Hong Shing it was a tale of two halves.

GBD lead at half time by two and then the wheels fell off.


Keys to the Game:

Hong Shing will have to zero in on trying to keep Guada off the boards to prevent second and third chances for GBD. Last week he recorded

A crazy 21 rebounds. He does alittle bit of everything for GBD. Hong Shing also will have to watch out for Ongoiba and Kokish. They had

25 and 28 respectively for GBD in the previous match up so Hong Shing definitely has to be ready to stop those 2.

As for GBD. They have to worry about Christian "Cash" who scored 23 against them last time, Zach Marcelline who also scored 23 against them

And Ashton Graham a former MVP and 3rd leading scorer for Hong Shing who hovers around 20 PPG scoring wise.

Keying into these 3 players is essential for GBD to win in this matchup.