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On Point Preview - Championship Game

By Megacity Basketball Inc, 09/16/19, 12:15PM EDT


It all comes down to an unlikely match-up between the #1 seeded Kawhi Not and the #6 seeded Bugatti Boys...

It all comes down to an unlikely match-up between the #1 seeded Kawhi Not and the #6 seeded Bugatti Boys. Here's the preview for the On Point Championship Final.

Superstar Match-Up


In the playoffs, both Emeron Rodgers (#1 pick) and Shaq Dover (#2 pick) led their teams in points and rebounding with Rodgers averaging 22.5 plus 13.0 and Dover averaging 23.5 plus 10.5.


Bugatti Boys - Keys to the Game


Marlon Hamilton who only averaged 2.3 assists per game has discovered something in the playoffs, dropping 9 dimes in the quarter-finals and 8 dimes in the semi-finals.


Hot shooting. As a team they shot 54.7% from the field with 5/6 players scoring double figures.  They shot even better from 3 at 55.5%. If they can replicate this effort, Kawhi Not may not be able to keep pace.


Protecting the ball is going to be extremely important in this game. Kawhi Not has been one of the best teams all season at forcing turnovers. They also have a bunch of guys that can finish in transition with ease.


Kawhi Not - Keys to the Game


Defense, Defense, Defense. Without question, this is why the team is where it is after 10 weeks. 10 weeks, no losses because they hang their hat on the defensive end. Even when they struggle from the field (which they did last week), the defense never lets them down.


2nd and 3rd scoring options. Dover was the only player in double figures in the semis. Bugatti has been lighting it up so they really need Bartley and Gulam to help Dover carry the scoring load.


Three point shooting really hurt them last week as they shot 1-12 for 8% compared to 43% from inside the three point line. They need to get high percentage shots to start this game.


It should a great game between 1 team that hasn't been beaten all season and another team that has pulled off upset after upset to get there.

Good luck!


Megacity Basketball Inc.