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Advanced Week 7 - Preview

By Megacity Basketball Inc, 08/22/19, 1:30PM EDT


The Reach vs. Juicy J

The perfect scenario for The Reach would be a win over Juicy J and for Hong Shing to lose to SWAT.The Reach would clinch 1st seed if it plays out that way and would match-up with the 4th place finisher. It would be quite an accomplishment given the fact that this is their first run in the Advanced League. For Juicy J, it’s going to be tough to get in the Top 4 even if they win. Either Desta or GBD is going to win and either SCF or TBD will win.  Of course, the only thing they can control is getting a win. The Reach shoot the ball at 53.7% from the field (2nd best) and lead the league on the glass at 43.7 RPG. In order for Juicy J to have any chance to winning this game, they’ll need to bring down that percentage under 50%, play excellent individual and team defense and also keep The Reach off the glass. For The Reach, they’re coming off a bad game and still found a way to keep it competitive. They should look to get high percentage looks early on, take advantage of their size and be aggressive on the glass.


SWAT vs. Hong Shing

A very interesting match-up here. Hong Shing could clinch 1st place with a win over SWAT, regardless of what The Reach does because they have the head-to-head tie-breaker advantage. SWAT on the other hand will be fighting for their playoff lives. For whatever reason they seem to play better when they need to play better. They’re 3-1 against teams .500 or higher but 0-2 against teams lower than .500.

Can they do it again?

For Hong Shing, this is a big-time moment for them. A win would clinch 1st place in their 1st attempt and they would also likely eliminate one of the greatest teams of all-time.

Might be the best game of the night.

Desta Training vs. GBD

It’s a tale of 2 teams that have never won 2 straight and have never lost 2 straight. They’ve had highs and lows and are now in a position where they have to treat this final game as a must-win.

When Desta is moving the ball around and hitting open threes, this team can look unstoppable. They also get a lot of points forcing turnovers and converting those turnovers into easy baskets. They’ve got to be aggressive and unselfish with the ball to beat GBD.

GBD has to be aggressive on the glass on every possession. If there’s any weakness for Desta it’s their rebounding. They’re last in rebounding. GBD averages 10 more rebounds per game.  However, I think the bigger key is protecting the ball and closing out on shooters. If you leave them open for good looks from beyond the arc, it could be a long night.

Who wants it more?



It’s been an incredible turn around for TBD who have won 3 straight after losing 3 straight. It very rarely happens, but the way they’re playing right now they could be a contender for the chip. First of course they need to take care of business against SCF. For SCF, it’s been a solid first season, but they’ll likely fall short of the playoffs no matter what happens in this game or the other games. If we know anything about SCF, it’s that they may not have the household Megacity names, but they can compete against anyone and should not be underestimated. A key for SCF is stopping Dave Jankovic. He’s been on a crazy two game explosion averaging 34 PPG on 70% from the field. Do they have answer for Jankovic? Or will TBD run through SCF and pick up their 4th W in a row.


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