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On Point - Week 7 Preview

By Megacity Basketball, 08/11/19, 11:00PM EDT


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Rapchaz vs. Grind Time

Grind Time jumped into the 6th spot after a win 2 weeks ago and hope to pick up another win against the struggling Rapchaz. Rapchaz are tied for last place and desperate for a W. They have not won since Week 2.

Key Match-Up: Matt & Malik vs. Kwasi & Dre

Kwasi & Dre are coming off a double double-double and both Matt and Malik need do to everything they can to limit Grind Time to one and done. Not only with Kwasi & Dre get after it, but Quayson and Chase will also be all over the glass.


Box Out vs. SWISH

Things looked very different after Week 1. Box Out escaped with a 2 point win. Since then Box Out has lost 5 in a row while SWISH has won 5 in a row. An important thing to note is that SWISH only had 5 players in the line-up.

Regardless the guard play in this game is going to be fun to watch. Jacobs, Sigua, Nojadera vs. the Cruz bros and De’Golder. Expect a lot of drive and kick and a lot of three balls.

Key Match-Up: Zac Bendahan vs. Jason Miller

Both of these guys are the keys on the inside. Both players are going to give you double-double numbers. Both teams really rely on their guard play for their scoring, but if they can get a 20 piece from one of these guys it will be a huge boost.


BBB vs. Kawhi Not

The undefeated Kawhi Not will take on the 2-4 Bugatti Boys. Kawhi Not continues to get it done and are only 2 wins away from a perfect regular season. That would be a huge accomplishment for Rookie GM Shannon Patterson. For BBB, they’ve simply got to play better. They’re just not getting enough production on either side of the court to win consistently.

Key Match-Up: Emeron Rodgers vs. Shaq Dover

One of the best match-ups you’ll see in the league between two premier players. Rodgers the #1 overall pick and 2nd in scoring at 24.2 PPG vs. Shaq Dover who has led Kawhi Not to a perfect record and is 3rd in scoring at 21.0. Bring out the popcorn.


Unruly vs. Investment Academy

Huge game with IA threatening to take the 3rd spot with a win. Unruly can pretty much clinch 3rd place with a win. Unruly will be confident as they’ve won 2 straight and 3 of their last 4. IA has to focus on stopping the high scoring Unruly or they won’t have a chance. IA has to be locked in defensively or this game can be over at the half.

Key Match-Up: Delly Thomas vs. Daniele Guarnaschelli

Anytime Daniele has scored 17 or more or has shot the ball 50% or better IA has won. IA really needs Daniele to bring this best in a huge game against Unruly. Delly Thomas the quarterback of Unruly and the league’s top assist man can also play defense. Can Delly shut down Daniele or will Daniele have another big game?


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