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On Point Week 5 Preview

By Megacity Basketball, 07/22/19, 8:15AM EDT


Grind Time vs. S.W.I.S.H.


The lowest scoring team will take on the highest scoring team in Week 5’s first game of the night. Grind Time who grinded out their first W of the season will take on SWISH who has been the best offensive team this season. Coach Clay will try to deploy a strategy to contain Jevon Jacobs (his former teammate last season) and the high powered offense of SWISH. Jacobs leads the league in scoring at 24.7 PPG with Colorado and Sigua hovering at around 14 per game. Grind Time will need to get the offense going regardless because SWISH is going to get buckets. For SWISH, they’ve got to be aggressive and simply knock down their open shots. Jacobs, Colorado and Sigua are going to draw a lot of attention so being ready to fire is going to be key for SWISH.


Investment Academy vs. Bugatti Boys


While it has been up and down for both teams they’ve both got reasons to feel good the rest of the way. They play very different styles of basketball so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Investment Academy doesn’t have a “Superstar” in fact they don’t have a player that averages more than 11 points per game but they’ve got 4 guys who average 8 or more and all capable of having big nights. Bugatti is the exact opposite. They’ve got the #1 draft pick Emeron Rodgers who is 2nd in scoring at 23.0 PPG and Joel Sooden is right behind him at 18.8 PPG. Investment Academy spreads their offense around leading the league in assists while Bugatti who average 5 more points per game get most of their buckets on isolation plays, ranking the lowest in assists per game due to this style of play. Which style will win?


Kawhi Not vs. Rapchaz


The Rapchaz have struggled as of late taking 3 straight losses. Scoring the ball hasn’t been the problem, it has been their defense. They average a league low 4.8 steals per game and really haven’t been able to lock down any team in these 3 consecutive losses. Kawhi Not will look to pick up their 5th straight win. It’s been a great first half of the season and while they’ve had some dramatic moments, they’ve been able to keep winning ball games. Kawhi Not hasn’t been playing their best basketball but some how find ways to get the W. The Rapchaz will be hungry to get their first win in July while Kawhi Not of course wants to get another W to get closer to a perfect season.


Unruly vs. Box Out


Unruly will take on Box Out in what should be a very good end to the night. Unruly currently sits at 2-2 and Box Out sit at 1-3. Both teams really like what they’ve got and feel good the rest of the way. Statistically these two teams have so many similarities. They don’t lead the league in anything, but they’re not bad at anything either. I think it’s a very even match-up that should go down to the wire. Box Out is led by D’Andre Hospedales who is averaging 18.2 PPG and they hope to get Nick Cruz back in the line-up this week. Unruly has a 3-headed monster of Harvey-Nettey-Delly who average 47.5 PPG combined. This should be fun!


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