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Advanced Thursday Week 1 - Recap

By Megacity Basketball, 07/05/19, 3:30PM EDT


The talent on the floor on Thursday Night was amazing and will only get better as we progress in the regular season. Here’s a quick recap of last night’s games…

Hong Shing  pull away in 2nd half en route to blow out win

This was a close game up until mid-way in the 2nd half when Hong Shing took control and put themselves up double digits the rest of the way. Christian Casimer was incredibly efficient shooting 10/15 from the field and Zach Marcelline was all over the place with 25-10-6. 5 players scored in double digits and they outrebounded GBD by 9. Matt Kokish was on fire in this game with 28, Hamidou Ongoiba finished with 25-8 and Anthony Guada had an all-around 14-8-5 in the loss. GBD simply didn’t have an answer for the free flowing offense of Hong Shing that shot a respectable 45% and racked up 19 dimes in the victory.


Desta’s 3-headed monster combine  for 102 points in tight win

This was back and forth all game, but eventually Desta would build a lead that would hover around 8-10 points with a few minutes to go. SCF desperately tried to get back in the game, but Desta always responded with a big three or big defensive play to keep SCF at bay. Both teams were hot offensively and even though SCF is taking the loss, they have a lot to be happy about. SCF had 6 players score in double figures and they shot by 52% from the floor. They also outrebounded their opponents by 15 but it was the three ball that killed them all night. DeShawn Montague, Shakwon Barrett and Chevon Brown put on a performance we haven’t seen since 2017 (3 players scoring 30+ and combining for over 100 points).


Juicy J outlast SWAT in closely contested game

It’s hard to argue that Jarred Reid didn’t have the best game of the night. Reid led Juicy J to a win while scoring 27 points on 12-15 shooting plus 12 boards. Christie and Figliano also picked up double-doubles in the victory. Juicy J didn’t shoot the ball well at all from beyond the arc, but crushed it from 2 point range. They shot 65% inside the 3pt line and took 32 free throws compared to only 17 for SWAT.  Brian Rouse led SWAT with 23-12-4-2-3 but not enough to earn the W. Denny McDonald added 18. SWAT could not get it going from 3 point range shooting only 16%.


The Reach gets it done despite being shorthanded

The Reach didn’t have a bench but still pull this one out. The Reach simply shot the ball better at 50% vs. 41% for TBD. Chad Bewley did everything with 17-14-3 while Gobson went for 20-7-5 and Ankra led with 21. TBD was also shorthanded in this game, but could not stop the hot offensive play of The Reach who seemingly got a bucket whenever they really needed one. David Jankovic led with 23 points with Pearlman contributing with 15.


Nightly Leaders



DeShawn Montague (Desta Training) – 35


Chad Bewley (The Reach) – 14


Andrew Dawkins (TBD) – 6

Zach Marcelline (Hong Shing) – 6


Chevon Brown (Desta Training ) – 4


Multiple Players tied with 3

Three Pointers

DeShawn Montague (Desta Training) – 7