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On Point - Week 3 Preview

By Megacity Basketball, 07/04/19, 1:00AM EDT


Game One - Grind Time vs. Unruly


It’s early in the season but it’s a very important game for both of these teams. Grind Time’s inability to score the ball in the first 2 weeks of play is a real concern as they’re averaging a league low 40.5 PPG. Unruly is 2nd in the league in scoring at 64.0 PPG. The key to their offense is their unselfishness. They lead the league in assists per game at 15.5 per contest. Grind Time is dead last in assists with only 6 dimes per contest.


The big question is can Grind Time get it going offensively? Or will Unruly shoot their way to an easy victory?


Match-Up To Watch


Aaron Martin – Grind Time

Delly Thomas - Unruly


Game Two - RAPCHAZ vs. BBB


RAPCHAZ are the league’s best scoring team after 2 weeks of play averaging a sizzling 66.5 PPG. Rapchaz also lead the league in first half points but tend to cool of a bit in the 2nd half. Their young duo went off last week with a combined 43 points on 19/30 shooting. They also got a key contribution from Brandon Chase with 13-10-4.


For BBB, it’s been up and down so far. They haven’t had the greatest attendance but hopefully they’ll all be in the line-up for Monday. If there’s something they need to work on it’s rebounding the ball. They’re averaging a league low 25 rebounds per game. Rapchaz are pretty active on the glass so defensive boards will play a huge role.


Match-Up To Watch


Hakim Dahnoun – RAPCHAZ

Emeron Rodgers - BBB

Also look out Joel Sooden who was passed up in the draft and was selected in the latter rounds. Sooden is 2nd in the league in scoring at 23.5 PPG.


Game Three - Kawhi Not vs. Box Out


Kawhi Leonard is the talk of the sports world and Kawhi Not is the talk of the On Point League. Kawhi Not is the only undefeated team 2 weeks into the season.

They’ve kept teams to an average of 47.5 PPG and limited Grind Time to only 40 points last week. They won by 14 and only shot 3/16 from deep. If they continue to play great defense and do their job offensively they’re going to be tough to beat.


Box Out could be undefeated but took a tough 2 point loss last week. Box Out had a lot of positive take aways with 4 players scoring in double figures and outrebounding their opponents by 14. Box Out actually boxes out leading the league in rebounding at 43 RPG. They’ve got to play big against an athletic and strong team like Kawhi Not this Monday. Box Out only shot 5/26 from three point range and only lost by 2 so definitely need to bring that percentage up.


Match-Up To Watch


Shaq Dover  – Kawhi Not

D’Andre Hospedales – Box Out


Game Four - SWISH vs. The Investment Academy


SWISH coming off a nice win after giving up a very winnable game in Week 1. SWISH had a huge performance from Jevon Jacobs with 24-9-3-3 and Bobby Colorado with 16 in his first game of the season. They’ll take on an Investment Academy team that has really struggled scoring the ball, averaging only 48 points per game.


The Investment Academy hasn’t played great basketball yet, but they’ll eventually get there. They’ll need to #1 limit Jevon Jacobs and #2 get their offense going. Investment Academy is the only team without a player averaging more than 10 points per game. They simply need more and have the talent to do so.


Match-Up To Watch

Jevon Jacobs – SWISH

Daniele Guarnaschelli – Investment Academy


Jacobs leads the league in scoring at 24.5 PPG.