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On Point - Week 1 Preview

By @megacityceo, 06/16/19, 11:45PM EDT


The season is finally here! 

It was a very interesting draft night and the talent pool set for this summer is unbelievable. It's going to be an exciting night as we have all been eagerly awaiting for the season to start. It will be extra exciting for the dozen or so rookie player and the 3 new GM's. 

Trade Talk

A few players have asked about trades so I want to clarify a few things...

#1) You can only be traded once.

#2) Trades can only occur between Tuesday and Friday 5pm. Trades will not be allowed during the weekend to ensure you have enough notice before your next game.

#3) All trades need to be approved by RJ Williams.

Best team on paper

Now this is extremely difficult, but if I had to pick 1 and only 1 roster go with this season I would pick Box Out. They picked up 2 guys that were MVP candidates last season (D'Andre Hospedales and Zac Bendahan), the most clutch player in league history (Nicholas Cruz), a guy who was on fire after a trade (Rahul De'Golder), a big time hustle player (Jefferson Simeon), two guys who can provide some scoring (Tarun Bhasin & Connor Bradley) and a big rookie (Malik McPherson). Obviously it's way too early and who knows if these guys are going to mesh or not, but if they can find a way to spread around the touches and work together, this team is a scary one. Calvin Lee, good job! (Box Out)

Now there are a few teams that did a phenomenal job drafting their squads but I feel like Box Out has the most well rounded roster. Some teams might have more talent, but I feel like they may be missing something like.... size, depth, experience etc.

Steal of the Draft

Now the best steal in the draft for me would have to be Ryan Greco. Greco went #2 in the 2nd last round of the draft. Greco was impressive in the combine and even more impressive during the full court scrimmage. Greco was getting bucket after bucket and to find that type of scoring ability that late in the draft is an absolute steal for rookie GM, Shannon Patterson (Kawhi Not).

That's all for now. We'll see you on the court on Monday!