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By Megacity Basketball, 05/03/19, 1:00PM EDT


(District 6 Vs The Vets) 74-70

Both teams suffered from a hard fought defeat in week 6 but the time off gave them an opportunity to regroup. Both teams also coming in with same record of 2-3 so this was their chance to get to .500. District 6 took their chances and outclassed the Vets.

District 6 started off the game fairly well on offense but the Vets stayed with them throughout first half with their defence and ending it with a 4 point District 6 lead 35-31. In the 2nd half District 6 made it rain with their 3 pointers they totalled 13-35 in the downtown range throughout the game.

For the Vets their X factor was Nolan Gooding he scored 30 points with 12-25 shooting but he struggled with 2-8 in the free throw line and this was the deciding factor of the game. In the end District 6 had a commanding lead but few lousy turnovers cost them and The Vets Capitalized on it and actually tying the game. Jerome Gayle of District 6 had enough of it and made 2 consecutive three pointers late in the game he had 6-10 shooting from deep. It was a scrappy finish to end the game but the missed free throws cost the Vets.

Overall it was a good game from both teams, District 6 will look to finish the season strong next week with another win while for the Vets no need to put their heads down as they gave everything they had, they just have to look at the positives from this game and use it for next week .


(Kings Vs Regeneration X) 66-59


Both Kings and Regeneration X were trying to come back from the break and take the W. It was a hard fought game as Regeneration X played competitively and kept it close throughout the game. Ultimately at the end the kings secured the W.  Week 7 and the kings are still 7-0!

Regeneration X shot 3-12 from 3’s and their field goal was 24-67 only shooting 36% from the field, in order to beat the undefeated kings that number needs to go higher. Their bright spot was Rakim McFarlane who shot 6-11 overall and had 18 points and 7 rebounds.

For the kings was Paul Blake who was 7-18 and had 23 points and 15 rebounds and Shane Morrison who was 4-7 field goals and 6-6 from the free throw line with 14 points and 10 rebounds. The kings are looking to go 8-0 next week as they take on Bel-Air Academy.  As for Regeneration X they look on to have a better performance against District 6. As the playoff looms and soon we will find out what these players are really made of.