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Competitive Tuesday MVP Rankings

By Clayton Conway, 04/08/19, 6:30AM EDT



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1. Paul Blake F Kings
32.5 PPG 15.5 RPG 4 AST 5 STL 2.8 BLK
56% FG 67% FT 51% 3PT

The numbers say it all even if you haven’t seen him play a lick. 99% of y’all
my players don’t even have stats like this. Bibby has been a 1 man wrecking
crew since opening night, and it doesn’t appear to be stopping. The former
Advanced multiple time MVP has led the Kings to a 4-0 start. He has yet to
be slowed down or contained, and a perfect season could be within reach
for the Kings on the back of his out of this world production.

2. Ashton Graham G Hong Shing
24.5 PPG 4 RPG 1 AST 1.5 STL 1 BLK
58% FG 50% FT 44% 3PT

The lethal scorer for Hong Shing continues to impress with his deep bag or
tricks. He scores any way you can imagine and the elevation on his jumper
makes it near impossible to block. His assists are down a bit from previous
seasons, but with the ball movement Hong Shing displays on a nightly basis
they easily come and go. Ashton is a former MVP and scoring champ of the
division and with Hong Shing looking for a 4 peat, look for a strong 2jd half
from him.

3. Shane Morrison G Kings
17.5 PPG 8.2 RPG 4.8 AST 2.8 STL
50% FG 78% FT 27% 3PT

Morrison and Bibby go hand in hand. They have been dominating leagues
for years together. Morrison's ability to get to the lane at will has been on

full display this season. He attacks relentlessly and is a great finisher even
through contact. His 3pt shooting has taken a bit of a dip this season, but
other than that its same old Shane. He is arguably as important to the Kings
success as Bibby is. Having him there as a 2 nd option is a big problem for
teams and makes it hard for teams to double team the Kings.

Honourable Mentions


Nolan Gooding G The Vets
29 PPG 6 RPG 6 RPG 3 AST 3 STL 37%FG 60% FT 60% 3PT

Christian Casimier F Hong Shing
21 PPG 4 RPG 2.5 AST 53% FG 75% FT 51% 3PT


Akeem Isaac G District 6
15.3 PPG 3.7 RPG 2.3 AST 2.7 STL 51% FG 37.5 3PT%


Clayton Conway