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Grading the Mitchell-Bongo Trade

By @megacityceo, 03/13/19, 12:30PM EDT


2 vets get swapped and it’s a clear win-win for both teams.

Unruly: A+

Without adding up average height, I can guarantee pre-trade that Unruly’s average player height was by far the tallest of all teams. Unruly is off to a good start at 2-1, but it is very obvious that they lack the presence of true PG. Chris Bongolan is exactly that. Bongolan is a traditional pass first PG, a PG that doesn’t turn over the ball often and can splash a three if open. He’s going to create all sorts of opportunities for guys like Cruz and Asiamah who don’t have to worry about being a distributer. Unruly already leads the league in assists, but that’s only going to go up with this acquisition of Bongo.  


Box Out: A+

It’s time to make moves for Box Out after a 0-3 start. The #1 pick in the draft D’Andre Hospedales has proven once again that he’s worthy of the top selection, but he’s going to need some help. Hospedales is currently leading the league in points and rebounds and if he’s your best rebounder…that’s a problem. Box Out is dead last in rebounding on both the defensive and offensive glass. They’re also 2nd last in blocked shots. Insert Andrew Mitchell. The big man is going to help in both areas immediately. Look for Mitchell to make a difference starting this Monday.


Expect more trades to get done with only 2 weeks left before trade deadline!