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By Jon Phan 11/16/2018, 12:00am EST


With Megacity expanding it was only natural that the level of competition grew over the years. With that being said we are excited for the return of the REC division to allow for a wider range of competition levels throughout our league. In order to keep the REC division at the skill level that it is intended to be there are a few rules and restrictions that player rosters must abide by:


• •


• No Professional or former professional players permitted
• No Players with Collegiate Experience of any level permitted • No Players from Advanced or Competitive Divisions permitted

Players who have formerly played in the Competitive Division may or may not be permitted at the discretion of Megacity Basketball Staff Megacity Basketball reserves the rights to remove a player from the division if skill level is deemed to high

We look forward to seeing you all for the rebirth of REC!


By Megacity Basketball 11/13/2018, 6:00pm EST

Week 3 @ Hoopdome kicks off tonight with 3 games on the schedule:


8:00 pm - Uptown vs Sharks


Sharks are coming off a victory over Brook last week and did a great job creating second and third chance opportunities for each other. With shooter, Brandon Sewell making his return to the roster, look for the floor spacing to open up for the guys inside. Razenberg and Bederman have been solid to start the season. If Sharks can get the ball in the paint they should be in great shape.


Uptown suffered a second loss last week against HSG Panthers and would like to bounce back with a win over Sharks. On a positive note, this is a team that you cannot take lightly. In both losses this season, Uptown has shown offensive flurries that have caught opponents off guard.  If Uptown can carry that same energy throughout the entire 44 minutes of the game, the will give themselves a shot.







9:00 pm - HONG SHING vs BROOK


Hong Shing and Brook are coming off Losses in Week 2 and both will be hungry for that bounce back Win,


Hong Shing played great in their first game but fell short to District 6. Although they kept the score close the one thing that hurt them the most was turnovers. If Hong Shing can cut that number down and take care of the ball, their offense should do well. Randy Danso is on watch tonight as we will look for him to make an impact, wherever he gets put in the rotation.


Brook almost fell apart last week. They are notorious for early season slumps but come playoffs, they will mean business. Unfortunately the competition level this season is not in their favor. It all comes down to effort for Brook. They gave up way to many offensive chances to the other team and that has to stop. If Brook put as much effort into 50/50 plays as they do into smack talking one another they would be sitting on top of the standings. Shae Sheppard will be huge for this team in the middle. Not too many guys in the league  can match his athleticism.









HSG Panthers are coming off a win against Uptown while District 6 won a revenge game over Hong Sing to kick off their season.


HSG Panthers bring tons of energy to the game. They excel in transition and are able to finish the ball in the open court. They communicate well and will find the extra pass to get a better look at the basket, If they can manage turnovers and step the defense up another level they should be able to do well against District 6. Not too many teams match up well against a talented District 6 team.


With a win over Hong Shing last week, District 6 has all the confidence in the world. They cannot underestimate their opponents this week as HSG Panthers will look to give them a challenge. District 6 must play on both ends of the court to secure this win but it won’t be easy.







By Megacity Basketball 11/08/2018, 2:30pm EST

In a rematch of the Summer finals, HONG SHING went to battle with DISTRICT 6 to close out Week 2.


DISTRICT 6 (Former Toon Squad)came into the game with a chip on their shoulders after losing a nail bitter to HONG SHING  in the Summer finals. HONG SHING seemed a bit rusty in the first half as they found themselves down 34-26 at the midway mark. In the second half, DISTRICT 6 showed a bit of fatigue as  HONG SHING mounted a comeback effort. In the end, DISTRICT 6 was able to stand their ground and hold off the treat as they would take this contest by a score of 65-58.


For D6, Jermaine Lightbody made his presence felt finishing with a double double of 18 points and ten boards. Ancil Martin put on a display of his athleticism putting together 18 points, 4 rebounds, three blocks, two steals and an assist. Tyrone Dickson also added eleven points, seven rebounds and a block in a great win for D6.


Christian Casimier made his return to Megacity action with a team high 19 points to go with three rebounds. Simon Cummings put up 8 points, six assists and four rebounds while OJ Simpson plugged in with 6 points and six boards.


Next week, DISTRICT 6 (1-0) battle it out with HSG PANTHERS (1-1) at 9:00 pm and HONG SHING (0-1) matches up with BROOK (1-1)


By Megacity Basketball 11/08/2018, 2:15pm EST

First game of the evening saw SHARKS taking on BROOK.


Early in the game, teams seemed to be getting a feel for one another as both took the first few minutes of the game trading baskets back and forth. Fast forward to the mid way of the first half, SHARKS would pull ahead by picking apart the BROOK defense and at halftime they found themselves up 28-17. In the second half, BROOK would make an effort to fight back but could not put a stop to the SHARKS offense. In the end, SHARKS would eventually take this contest by a final score of 66-55.


Leading the offensive charge for Sharks was Dan Beiderman, who finished with a double double of 19 points and thirteen rebounds. Close behind was Vadim Razenburg who had a double double of his own with 17 points and twelve rebounds. Karl Federick also had a great game as he wrapped up his night with 24 points, two rebounds, 3 assists and two steals.


For Sunnybrook, Leon Samuels finished with a game high 24 points to go with 4 rebounds and 4 assists in the loss. Big man, Jesse Adjei played his part as he recorded 15 points, five rebounds, five assists, a steal and a block. Front court teammate She Sheppard didn’t have a great offensive night but was a beast on the glass as he finished with  14 rebounds and eight points.


Next week, SHARKS (2-0) face off against UPTOWN (0-2) at 7:00 pm and BROOK (1-1) play HONG SHING (0-1) which historically has proven to be a must watch match up @ Hoopdome.


By Megacity Basketball 11/08/2018, 2:00pm EST

The second game at Hoopdome featured HSG PANTHERS taking on UPTOWN.


After suffering a loss in their first Megacity Basketball game, HSG PANTHERS followed up with a breakout game against UPTOWN. HSG PANTHERS did a great job of getting defensive stops on one end, then running up the court the other way to score in transition. Give credit to UPTOWN as they were able to string together a few runs in the second half that was just enough to humble their opponents. However, HSG PANTHERS would lock in their first Megacity win by a final score of 73-64.


HSG was lead by Balil Forde who dropped a team high 18 points to go with seven rebounds, two assists and two steals. Taj Forde pitched in with 13 points, six rebounds, two steals, and two assists. Yaseen Douglas and Jamal Douglas finished with 12 points each in the victory.


Leading the offensive charge for Uptown was Zuhair Kanji who exploded for 30 points to go with seven rebounds, a steal and an assist. Milad Gulam also had a good night with 15 points, seven boards, two steals and an assist. New addition to the  roster, Stef Bifsha chipped in with 6 points, six boards, six assists and a steal in the loss.


Next week, UPTOWN (0-2) square up against SHARKS (2-0) @ 8:00 pm  and HSG PANTHERS(1-1) go toe to toe with District 6 (1-0)


By Megacity Basketball 11/07/2018, 7:00pm EST



After a long wait, Hoopdome is open and we are excited to kick off the Fall 2018 season.


The 7:10 pm game features Coach Tony Zou and his dangerous TOBEN squad matched up against an athletic and talented DESTA TRAINING team whom are looking to make a statement this season


The 8:20 pm game has an experienced and disciplined TBD team that sticks to the fundamentals, against a TEAM CZ who are making their return to Advanced Thursdays after taking the Summer season off


At 9:30 pm, the 2018 Summer league champions, New Regime, are back for another run at the MB trophy as they pair up against a Toon Squad team that found success in our Tuesday divisions but have now leveled up to Advanced Thursdays.


The Summer league runner up, Avengers, will have this week off but you can definitely count on them to be hungry for the chip and to be ready for action after taking an L in the finals last season,


Good Luck to all this season!




By Megacity Basketball 11/07/2018, 2:30pm EST

Week 5 games tip off tonight at 9:30 pm over a Logos Fellowship (33 Mallard Rd).


Game 1 of 2 features Grind Time (2-0) taking on Salami & Cheese (2-1). Both teams currently sit in the number one and number two spot in the standings and should be a great contest to get things started for the evening. Teams match up in almost every category but our prediction is whoever can control the glass on the defensive and offensive end will emerge with the W.


Grind Time had last week off while Salami & Cheese are coming off a Halloween night victory over Game Blouses.


KEY MATCH UP: Ryan Michalski vs Vadim Razenberg


In game 2 of 2, we see Classick (1-1) taking on the defending champs: Bugatti Boys (2-1)


On paper, Classick has the size advantage over their opponents but Bugatti has the speed and chemistry advantage. On top of that the one two punch of Chua and Zapanza have combined for a total 122 points this season and have been nothing less than stellar in the early half of the season.


Last week Classick had the bye week while Bugatti cruised to an easy win over a shorthanded and injured Savages team.


KEY MATCH UP: Delly Thomas vs Erwin Zapanza



By Megacity Basketball 11/07/2018, 5:13am EST

The Final game of the night saw Classick taking on Atlas Elite Performance.


Both teams came into this game hungry for a victory but Classick would get the early edge on their opponents. Neither team shot the ball very well in the first half but at the midway point, Classick carried a 35-25 lead. In the second half, Atlas Elite Performance rallied together and put together a solid comeback effort but fell short as turnovers ended up being the deciding factor. Classick would take the 65-52 win.


Ahsin Mahmood lead his team in the points category as he finished up with a team high 14 points. Delly Thomas was all over the stat sheet as he racked up 12 points, seven rebounds, five assists and six steals. Big man, Andre Miller finished his night with 11 points and nine rebounds in the victory.


Norman Penola lead the way for Atlas as he marked up 22 points, six rebounds, three assist and three steals. Brandon Chong helped the cause finishing with eight points while Martin Cruz logged in 6 points, two rebounds, eight assists and three steals in the loss.

Next week Classick (4-1) have a bye week while Atlas Elite Performance (2-2) take on T Rexx (0-5)


By Megacity Basketball 11/07/2018, 5:00am EST

The third game of the night featured Investment Academy taking on Mandem.


In the first half, it was a back and forth affair as both teams were able to keep pace with each other on the offensive end. Mandem would go no a run and Investment Academy would answer back, Investment Academy would pull ahead but Mandem would be right behind them. At half, the score was sitting at 27-26 in favor of Investment Academy. In the second half, Mandem made a few key mental mistakes which allowed Investment Academy to secure the 63-59 victory.


Akeem Isaac finished with a game high 25 points and looked more like the AK that we know. Akai Netty put another solid performance together for his team as he finished the game with 18 points, three rebounds and an assist. Gabirel Mendes Ferriera was a spark for I.A. as he finished with 8 points, three rebounds, two assist and a steal.


The very animated and vocal Jamal Crawford lead his team with 19 points, eight rebounds and three assists in the loss while former GM and now player, Clayton Conway shot the ball well from beyond the arc as he finished his night with 15 points, two rebounds, three assists and a steal. Jon Phan also played a solid game as he pitched in with 11 points, six rebounds, four assists and two steals for his team.


Next week, Mandem (1-3) match up against Unruly (3-2) at 7pm while Investment Academy (3-1) will take on Titans (3-2)


By Megacity Basketball 11/07/2018, 4:45am EST

Week 5 kicked off with Titans taking on T Rexx


Despite being a 7pm start, Titans came prepared. They started the game off with an offensive explosion as they managed to pull ahead early. At halftime, Titans found themselves up 42-19. T Rexx would gain momentum and managed to go on a few offensive runs in the second half but in the end it was too little too late for T Rexx as Titans would take this contest by a final score of 69-49.


Mike Cruz finished with a league high 30 points to go with five rebounds, three assists, a block and a steal. Jefferson Simeon has been a tear on the glass this season and tonight was no different as he finished with 8 points and thirteen rebounds in the victory. Paolo Vergara chipped in with a solid effort as he finished with 9 points and seven rebounds


For T Rexx, Kyle Edwards lead his team with 14 points in the loss while Rahul De’Golder  hit for 11 points. Honourable mention: Andrew Mitchell showed solid defense in the paint for T Rexx this game recording 3 blocks to go with his 9 points and 6 rebounds.


Next week T Rexx (0-5) will try to bounce back as they go toe to toe with Atlas Elite Performance (2-2) at 8pm and Titans (3-2) take on Investment Academy (3-1) at 9pm.

For our 1st ever #FridayFive, we've got Phillip Da Silva who made his debut in the league in September 2017 in the On Point Free Agent League.

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