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On Point - Week 1 Preview

By @megacityceo 06/16/2019, 11:45pm EDT

The season is finally here! 

It was a very interesting draft night and the talent pool set for this summer is unbelievable. It's going to be an exciting night as we have all been eagerly awaiting for the season to start. It will be extra exciting for the dozen or so rookie player and the 3 new GM's. 

Trade Talk

A few players have asked about trades so I want to clarify a few things...

#1) You can only be traded once.

#2) Trades can only occur between Tuesday and Friday 5pm. Trades will not be allowed during the weekend to ensure you have enough notice before your next game.

#3) All trades need to be approved by RJ Williams.

Best team on paper

Now this is extremely difficult, but if I had to pick 1 and only 1 roster go with this season I would pick Box Out. They picked up 2 guys that were MVP candidates last season (D'Andre Hospedales and Zac Bendahan), the most clutch player in league history (Nicholas Cruz), a guy who was on fire after a trade (Rahul De'Golder), a big time hustle player (Jefferson Simeon), two guys who can provide some scoring (Tarun Bhasin & Connor Bradley) and a big rookie (Malik McPherson). Obviously it's way too early and who knows if these guys are going to mesh or not, but if they can find a way to spread around the touches and work together, this team is a scary one. Calvin Lee, good job! (Box Out)

Now there are a few teams that did a phenomenal job drafting their squads but I feel like Box Out has the most well rounded roster. Some teams might have more talent, but I feel like they may be missing something like.... size, depth, experience etc.

Steal of the Draft

Now the best steal in the draft for me would have to be Ryan Greco. Greco went #2 in the 2nd last round of the draft. Greco was impressive in the combine and even more impressive during the full court scrimmage. Greco was getting bucket after bucket and to find that type of scoring ability that late in the draft is an absolute steal for rookie GM, Shannon Patterson (Kawhi Not).

That's all for now. We'll see you on the court on Monday!


On Point Playoff Finals Preview

By @megacityceo 05/13/2019, 10:30am EDT

Everyone expected the undefeated and #1 seeded What’s Luv to be in the Finals but no one expected the last place Investment Academy. The unlikely run for Investment Academy now sets up an intriguing match-up against a team that has been dominant throughout. What’s Luv dominated the regular season and put an end to a streaking Box Out team while the Investment Academy has pulled off 2 straight upsets with wins over SWISH and Unruly.




They played less than a month ago and even though Investment Academy put up a fight, What’s Luv would win by 13. Both teams struggled from the floor at 36% but What’s Luv was able to get to the line and hit their three pointers at a higher rate. Andre McDonald led with 17-10 and Akai Nettey added 15.


Rewinding all the way back to March 11th, What’s Luv completed obliterated TIA winning 94-56. Jevon Jacobs went off for 32 points, Chase added 18 and Delly with a near-triple double with 10-10-9. What’s Luv dominated every facet in the game en route to a big time blow out.


Keys to the Game


The Investment Academy

#1) Free throws: Need to do a better job of knocking these down. Every point counts and had they hit their free throws at a decent rate they wouldn’t have had to win in the manner they did.

#2) Perimiter Defense: What’s Luv blew them out with their three point shooting in the past. You can’t give them easy looks from three or they’ll make you pay.

#3) Scoring: They’re not going to get away with 37% against What’s Luv and win. They’ll need to shoot better and have 1-2 guys step up offensively.


What’s Luv

#1) Pace: It’s such an important thing for this team. When they’re running and sharing the ball it’s easy to see how they are undefeated and the favourite to win it all.

#2) Defensive Glass: Keep TIA off the glass. They don’t have a lot of size, but they have a lot of guys willing to crash the boards. Box out your man and keep them to one and done.

#3) Closing out strong: Don’t let The Investment Academy hang around. They’ve found ways to win games in crunch time. Also, don’t let Nicholas Cruz get open.



On Point - What's Luv explode in 9th straight W

By @megacityceo 05/09/2019, 7:30am EDT

What’s Luv showed off their offensive talents last night going off for 59 points in the 2nd half en route to a blow out victory over Box Out. It wasn’t a blow out until the 2nd half as these two teams entered the half time break tied at 34. What’s Luv gets their 9th straight win while Box Out’s season is over with the loss.

Jevon Jacobs was Kawhi-like scoring 29 on an efficient 12-18 and 4-6 from deep. Brandon Chase was also incredibly efficient going 8-12 from the field and also 4-6 from deep for 23 points plus 8 dimes. Delly Thomas with an all-around game with 13-13-4-3. What’s Luv shot an incredible 59% from the field and 60% from three point range.


D’Andre Hospedales led with 20-7-5 and Rahul De’Golder added 20, but obviously not enough to get the W. They shot a very respectable 45% from deep, but could not contain the offensive fire power of What’s Luv. Although it ends in a loss, Box Out should be happy with the way they fought through the season after a dismal start. Great job by Calvin Lee (GM) for making great trades to put this team in a position to win.


Rennie Pascal (GM) and his squad What’s Luv will now take on another Cinderella story, The Investment Academy in the championship game next week. Stay tuned for the championship game preview.



The Investment Academy got out to an early lead and appeared to catch Unruly off guard. Investment Academy played with high intensity especially on the defensive end going into the half up 32-24. In the 2nd half, Unruly began to chip away, making offensive adjustments and playing like they played during the regular season. They also locked down the Investment Academy for 5 minutes without scoring which allowed them back into the game. Tied at 45, Unruly’s Chris Bongolan drew a foul driving to the hoop and converted on both free throws to put Unruly up 47-45 with 3.7 seconds left. Then…Cruz happened. Cruz received a perfect pass from the inbounder Tyrell Moodie and then swished a high arching three pointer to win the game 48-47.


Nicholas Cruz is on a hot streak unlike any we’ve ever seen before. Cruz has hit 2 game winners and 1 buzzer beater to force OT in the last month. Cruz finished with a game high 15 points in a low scoring affair.


The Investment Academy did an excellent job of pushing each other while also keeping each other cool when calls went the wrong way. Something we didn’t see earlier on in the season. What may go unnoticed was James Saravanamuttu’s huge offensive rebound and basket that tied this game up. Saravanamuttu came up big with key buckets going 3/3 from the field. Michael Husbands was hot early on and kept the defense honest with his three point shooting finishing with 11.


Unruly just couldn’t get a rhythm going all game and ran into a team that is playing their best basketball of the season. Unruly didn’t hit a single three pointer and had difficulty cracking the Investment Academy defense. Despite that they still shot better at 46% and outrebounded them 25-16, but lose a heartbreaker in the final seconds. Great season for Unruly, but they’ll have to wait to summer to try to get that chip.


On Point Playoff Semi-Finals Preview

By @megacityceo 05/06/2019, 11:30am EDT

What’s Luv vs. Box Out


Box Out’s cinderella run has been something to watch over the last month. After losing 5 straight, they’ve won 4 straight and find themselves in the semi-finals. A big time win over Grind Time last week has Box Out’s confidence high.


What’s Luv, the only undefeated team in the league and one of only 3 teams to record a perfect season will look to pick up their 9th straight win and advance to the championship.

What’s Luv has a balanced attack where a different player can lead every game and have depth at every position.


The one and only time these two teams met it was the most lopsided game of the season. What’s Luv won 80-42. No D’Andre Hospedales in the line-up which obviously made things a lot more challenging for Box Out. Brandon Chase put up 26 points, Bobby Colorado (traded) scored 17 and Delly Thomas with 12-8-7. High scorer was Andrew Mitchell who had 13 and Morgan added 10. Embarrassing loss that should give Box Out some motivation to win this game.


Let’s take a look at the Keys to the Game


What’s Luv

1) D’Andre: They’ve never had to play him before and he’s a problem. Who’s going to guard him? Do you Double? Triple? Force someone else to score?

2) Take care of the ball: Box Out is very good at forcing turnovers and converting on the other end.

3) Team Ball: This is the reason they were undefeated. They play great team basketball and always look out for each other. It’s the reason why they led in scoring and assists. Don’t get away from it.


Box Out

1) Take’em and Make’ em: They’ve done a great job of this so far. D’Andre is going to draw a lot of attention. When you get the opportunity, be ready and take that shot.

2) Nothing easy: Box Out can be a very good defensive unit at times. They led the league in steals and blocks. Play with intensity and challenge everything.

3) Best Player: In the NBA they say the team with the best player usually wins the series. I think D’Andre Hospedales is the best player, but can he do enough to carry them into the Finals?



Investment Academy vs. Unruly


Fresh off their upset win, Investment Academy will look to keep it rolling this Monday against Unruly. The Investment Academy luckily played against a shorthanded SWISH squad and pulled out a W in OT. They’re going to have to step it up to another level against Unruly who was a clear #2 during the regular season.


Unruly had the week off after earning a bye through the 1st Round. Unruly is led by Zac Bendahan who leads the team in scoring and rebounding at 15.8 PPG and 10.5 RPG, but this is the complete opposite of a one-man show. It’s a well balanced team with could go all the way if they’re all clicking.


Due to a forfeit, these two teams actually haven’t played each other.


Let’s take a look at the Keys to the Game


Investment Academy

1) Step up: Without a doubt, Unruly especially if at full strength is a better team than SWISH. The team has to step up.

2) Playing together: A great sign of a team playing better together was the 14 assists on 24 made field goals.

3) Team defense: They’ve got threats all over the floor. It’s important for them to talk and communicate on the defensive end.



1) Attendance: They’ve been shorthanded in the past few games so getting the full squad together is key for a championship run.

2) Defense: TIA ranks last in points per game and assists per game. Don’t let them get into any rhythm.

3) Defensive Rebounding: Don’t underestimate TIA because of their size. They get after it on the offensive glass.




By Megacity Basketball 05/03/2019, 1:00pm EDT

(District 6 Vs The Vets) 74-70

Both teams suffered from a hard fought defeat in week 6 but the time off gave them an opportunity to regroup. Both teams also coming in with same record of 2-3 so this was their chance to get to .500. District 6 took their chances and outclassed the Vets.

District 6 started off the game fairly well on offense but the Vets stayed with them throughout first half with their defence and ending it with a 4 point District 6 lead 35-31. In the 2nd half District 6 made it rain with their 3 pointers they totalled 13-35 in the downtown range throughout the game.

For the Vets their X factor was Nolan Gooding he scored 30 points with 12-25 shooting but he struggled with 2-8 in the free throw line and this was the deciding factor of the game. In the end District 6 had a commanding lead but few lousy turnovers cost them and The Vets Capitalized on it and actually tying the game. Jerome Gayle of District 6 had enough of it and made 2 consecutive three pointers late in the game he had 6-10 shooting from deep. It was a scrappy finish to end the game but the missed free throws cost the Vets.

Overall it was a good game from both teams, District 6 will look to finish the season strong next week with another win while for the Vets no need to put their heads down as they gave everything they had, they just have to look at the positives from this game and use it for next week .


(Kings Vs Regeneration X) 66-59


Both Kings and Regeneration X were trying to come back from the break and take the W. It was a hard fought game as Regeneration X played competitively and kept it close throughout the game. Ultimately at the end the kings secured the W.  Week 7 and the kings are still 7-0!

Regeneration X shot 3-12 from 3’s and their field goal was 24-67 only shooting 36% from the field, in order to beat the undefeated kings that number needs to go higher. Their bright spot was Rakim McFarlane who shot 6-11 overall and had 18 points and 7 rebounds.

For the kings was Paul Blake who was 7-18 and had 23 points and 15 rebounds and Shane Morrison who was 4-7 field goals and 6-6 from the free throw line with 14 points and 10 rebounds. The kings are looking to go 8-0 next week as they take on Bel-Air Academy.  As for Regeneration X they look on to have a better performance against District 6. As the playoff looms and soon we will find out what these players are really made of.


On Point 1st Round Playoff Recap

By @megacityceo 05/02/2019, 12:00am EDT

Box Out stuns Grind Time


If you told me earlier in the season that Box Out would’ve beaten Grind Time in the playoffs I would have honestly laughed. At the time Grind Time looked like the #2 team and maybe even a legitmate contender for the #1 spot, but a lot has changed since that time. Box Out came into this game riding a 3 game winning streak after opening the season 0-5 and thanks to an all-around effort, they’ve pushed that streak to 4, advancing to the semi-finals and eliminating Grind Time in the process.


Box Out was clicking early on and the shots were falling. They would finish the game shooting 40% from three point range. They put themselves up big at the half 38-24. Grind Time did better in the 2nd half, but obviously not enough.


The league’s #1 pick went for 21 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists in an incredible win. Box Out also got a big performance from the ex-Grind Timer, Rahul De’Golder who scored 18 to go with 4 rebounds and 6 dimes.  Japrell Morgan had a season best 11 and every single player made an impact in the win.


For Grind Time, Penola not at 100%, wasn’t able to get his shot to fall like they would Normanly fall. Harvey did a great job leading the team in scoring shooting over 50% and finishing with 24. Mahmood stepped up also shooting north of 50% adding 16. It’s a very disappointing way to end the season for Grind Time who had championship aspirations. They’ll have to wait til next season.


Next up for Box Out is the undefeated What’s Luv.


Investment Academy upset shorthanded SWISH


The last game of the night did not disappoint with an overtime thriller between SWISH and Investment Academy. SWISH was the favourite going in, but without both Ryan Michalski and Shaquille St. Paul, it wasn’t going to be easy. Nicholas Cruz would hit a big time three pointer that would help put the Investment Academy up for good in the extra frame. Bobby Colorado did everything he could, but missed a Hail Mary shot at the end. The Investment Academy, a team that won only 2 games in the regular season is going to the semi-finals.


The game was even from the beginning to the end. It was ugly for the Investment Academy, but they grinded out +9 shots thanks in part to their +15 rebounds. SWISH also had several chances to put this game away but could not. They missed 9 free throws which I’m sure they all wish they could have back.


Trevor Mann (T-MANN) went in with 17 points and 14 rebounds (4 offensive rebounds) in the W. Cruz was clutch once again with a ice cold three pointer finishing with 12-5-3-3. Edwards added 13 and Moodie with 10-8 plus some clutch freebies. A great win for a team I think everyone counted out. They move on to face Unruly in the next round.


Tough one for SWISH. Without arguably their top two players and to lose in OT, it can’t feel good. The missed free throws and getting outrebounded by 15 probably wouldn’t have happened with those 2 players in the line-up. Regardless, they did put up a fight. Bobby Colorado who has been one of the league’s surprises with 24 points. Gabriel Ferreira making SWISH GM look like a genius with a great all-around 11-9-5-5. Not the way they wanted to go out, but a good season overall. SWISH will be back.



On Point Playoff Preview

By @megacityceo 04/26/2019, 12:00am EDT

Box Out vs. Grind Time

I don’t think there’s a favourite in this match-up. I believe it can go either way and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this came down to the final seconds just like their most recent match-up.



March 4th – Grind Time won 69-56

April 8th – Box Out won 68-66


Players to Watch

Rahul De’Golder – He will be going up against his former team in this 1st Round match-up. It turned out to be a great trade for him as he found a perfect role with Box Out. His production is through the roof since the trade.

Ahsan Mahmood – He has turned up as of late finishing the season with a season best 23 on 8/14. While he’s a great 3rd option to have, there’s no reason he should be taking 10 or less shots in this do or die game.


Box Out – Keys to the Game

1) Let it rain – The 3 Ball has been great for them as of late.

2) Contain their lefties – Tough ask, but need to contain at least one.

3) Vergara & Valtchev – They’ve been doing all the little things on both sides of the court in their recent success.

Grind Time – Keys to the Game

1) Live & Die by the 3 – Only 6/27 last time against Box Out. Can’t happen again.

2) Box Out – Yeah seriously. Lost the rebounding battle last time out.

3) Sharing the rock – It can’t just be a 2-man show. They’re at their best when they play unselfishly.

X-Factor – Cham Sangar (Box Out)

He gets the team going when he’s scoring and distributing. It’s important for him to get going early. Did not play well in their first match up, but had a great game in their 2nd game.

X-Factor – Mahdi/Gray/Lindover (Grind Time)

Forget offense. The key focus for these two is to limit Box Out’s 2nd and 3rd chance points. Tough ask with a big man like Mitchell and the rebounding leader Hospdales.


The winner will take on the #1 seeded What’s Luv in the On Point Semi-Finals on May 6th.


The Investment Academy vs. S.W.I.S.H.


It might be a 3-6 match-up, but it’s just as close as a 4-5 or the above match-up. I think SWISH will go in as a slight favourite even if TIA won their last match-up. SWISH is coming off a big win over Grind Time while TIA looked like a completely different team in a loss to What’s Luv.



Mar 4 – SWISH won 56-51

Apr 8 – Investment Academy won 58-52

Players to Watch


Nicholas Cruz: Cruz went off for 15 points including a clutch shot to force OT. Cruz has a history of big playoff games and you know he’s going to bring 110% for this outing.


Ryan Michalski: Didn’t have his best season, but still averaged a double-double with 12.4 and 11.1. He was a monster with 14-20-4 last game against TIA.


Investment Academy – Keys to the Game

1) Bring it – Which TIA will we see? The team that beat SWISH or lost to What’s Luv?

2) Cold – In their last game, they went 3-18 from deep. Yikes. They’ve got to be a lot better.

3) Play as a unit – Individually there’s lot of talent, but can they play as a cohesive unit and pull off an upset?


SWISH – Keys to the Game

1) Keep them on the perimeter – Put TIA to the test from distance.  

2) Play big – They’ve got the size advantage. Box out and limit them to 1 and done.

3) Hot Hand – SWISH has been a much better offensive team since the acquisition of Bobby Colorado. Get him going early.


X-Factor – Tyrell Moodie (The Investment Academy)

He’s not afraid of the big shot and has hit many big shots this season and historically. Last time against SWISH he went 4/6 from deep.

X-Factor – Gabriel Ferreira (SWISH)

He does a little bit of everything on both ends of the court. His defense was incredible last time out against TIA with 6 steals.


The winner will take on the #2 seeded Unruly  in the On Point Semi-Finals on May 6th.



On Point Recap - Week 8

By @megacityceo 04/17/2019, 9:15am EDT

What’s Luv complete perfect season


What’s Luv joins a small group of teams that have completed a perfect regular season since the creation of the On Point League in 2015. What’s Luv took their 8th win of the season in a 60-47 win over The Investment Academy. What’s Luv went about their business and even though they didn’t play their best game, they did enough to keep TIA out of it. They only hit 36% of their shots but did a better job at the line and from beyond the arc while TIA struggled from deep only going 3-18. Andre McDonald led with 17-10 with Akai Nettey adding 15. Trevor Mann had a huge game with 12-18-4 and Kyle William Edwards chipped in with 11-8. What’s Luv will have a 2 week break earning a bye through the 1st Round and next week for Easter Monday. What’s Luv will face the winner of Grind Time and Box Out. TIA will be back in action and they’ll take on SWISH.


SWISH take down Grind Time

The tables have turned. SWISH earned the 3 spot with a 76-72 win over Grind Time. SWISH started off this game strong and held off Grind Time to get the W. Bobby Colorado (maybe the best trade this season) went off for 22 points including 13/14 from the line in the victory. Orlando Paul with 16 and Gabriel Ferreira with an all-around 13-5-4.  Grind Time was without Norman Penola but did get excellent production from another left-hander Ahsan Mahmood. Mahmood scored a season best 23 on 8/14, Jonathan Harvey added 21-7 and Mohamed Mahdi had his best game of the season with 15-12-6. SWISH will take on The Investment Academy while Grind Time will take on the streaking Box Out.


Box Out shocks Unruly


Box Out grinded out a win against the shorthanded Unruly to earn their 3rd win in a row. This seemed impossible after a dreadful 0-5 start, but all of a sudden Box Out is the team you don’t want to play in the playoffs. Every single player contributed to the win. Hospedales with 30-10, Sangar with 20, De’Golder with 14-7 and Zarko Valtchev led all players league wide with 4 steals. They didn’t shoot the ball better, but they played better D and were able to force turnovers that they would convert into buckets. For Box Out, it’s a loss, but let’s keep in mind they were without 3 key players, Jeff Asiamah, Zac Bendahan and Chris Bongolan. Mike Cruz went absolutely crazy with 35 points on 13/16 (very Kawhi like) plus 6 assists in the loss. Mirza would also have a huge game with 19-12-4. Box Out will take on the slumping Grind Time squad in 2 weeks while Unruly will take a 2 week break and get ready for the winner between SWISH and TIA.


Make sure to click “BRACKET” to see the complete playoff picture.



On Point Preview - Week 8

By @megacityceo 04/15/2019, 8:00am EDT

It's the final week of the regular season. For What's Luv and Unruly, they are locked into 1st and 2nd regardless of what happens in their final week. For everyone else, what happens on Monday will determine their seed going into the playoffs and they will be back on the 29th to start the 1st Round of the playoffs. Both What's Luv and Unruly will be back in action on May 6th to face the winners of the 1st Round. 

What's Luv vs. Investment Academy

Although this game is somewhat irrelevant for What's Luv, I'm certain they want to close out the season with a perfect regular season record. The Investment Academy is coming off arguably their best game of the season winning in OT over SWISH while What's Luv won in a statement game over the 2nd seeded Unruly.
The last time these two teams played it was an absolute blow out with What's Luv winning 94-56. Since then, there have been a few changes on both sides and as long as TIA play like they did last week, this should be a much closer game.

Grind Time vs. S.W.I.S.H.

Grind Time can clinch 3rd, but the feeling I get is it doesn't matter who they line up against in the playoffs, they feel confident. Yes, this is despite losing 3 in a row. Last week was a definite step back for them as they lost to the last place Box Out. For SWISH, it was a tough loss last week losing to TIA. SWISH obviously played well enough to win this game but ended up getting outplayed in OT. Expect a close game tonight. The last time these two teams met Grind Time edged SWISH 62-58. Can Grind Time secure the 3rd seed or will SWISH finish the season on a winning note?

Unruly vs. Box Out

Unruly is the favourite, but don't count out Box Out. Unruly has been regarded as the 2nd best team in the league for most of the regular season while Box Out has been the worst, well, that has now changed. Box Out started out 0-5, but going into this game, they've won 2 in a row and are looking rejuvenated. If they can pull of 3 straight wins to close out the season that would be impressive. For Unruly, this game doesn't really matter as they are locked into the 2nd seed, but after the loss to What's Luv I'm certain they want to win and also work on a few things they struggled with last week.

Please note that head-head will be the 1st tie-breaker. If no winner can be determined, we will go to point differential. If it is a 3-4 way tie, the best record from head-head-head(-head) will determine order.

Please also note there are no games on Easter Monday.

Good luck all!