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About Us


At the Megacity Basketball Association (MBA), we are unwavering in our dedication to leveraging the transformative power of basketball for the betterment of our community. As a registered non-profit organization, our mission is to create life-altering opportunities for personal development and leadership within underserved communities. We are committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders through innovative and diverse programs that champion integrity, social responsibility, and essential life skills beyond the confines of the basketball court.


The Megacity Basketball Association embarked on its journey in 2009 as a corporate entity but swiftly evolved into something far more profound—a dynamic community in its own right. Attracting individuals from various backgrounds across the Greater Toronto Area, we became a melting pot where values like innovation, integrity, and social responsibility were just as vital as crossovers, fadeaways, and free throws. A transformative moment occurred in 2019 when we set out on the path to formalize our status as a registered non-profit organization, culminating in successful registration in 2020.

Over the past decade, Megacity has played a pivotal role in forging connections within communities, cultivating enduring friendships among staff, officials, sponsors, players, and parents. Collaborations with esteemed partners such as Canada Basketball, the Nike Crown League, the Toronto Raptors' "We The North" campaign, Sport Chek's "My North" and "We Got Now" campaign, Ontario Place, OLG, The Grizzly Truth film and  features on Open Gym, True North documentary, Hoop Mixtapes, Worldstar Hip Hop and other popular main stream media outlets.  We have enriched the lives and futures of individuals of all ages.